This machine is used for forage pickup, bale density, easy to transport and storage, save space; can be used with silage coating machine, compared with the traditional silage pool storage, microbial fermentation more fully, and the waterproof anti-corrosion, fully improve the utilization rate of feed. At the present stage of food crops such as: the potential for the development of more and more comprehensive utilization of rice, wheat and maize straw, use is very extensive, straw bale after processing of livestock and poultry feed well, biogas production and manufacture of fiber sheet, paper and other purposes; promote the development of related industries, to provide a large number of raw materials for industry, which can save resources, optimize the allocation of resources, to achieve agricultural production environmental civilization. Walking type baler can meet this demand, can automatically complete the grass, rice, wheat and the shop after a pickup kneading, corn straw, bundling and bundles, convenient transportation, storage and processing.

The products on the market, greatly reduce the labor intensity of farmers, improve the production efficiency, was generally welcomed, and create favorable conditions for the development of economy, the income of farmers, will be more widely applied.