Application Scope and Technical Principles

Application Scope: for collecting and baling the pasture and straw that can be used for both breeding industry and biomass power generation etc. Our machine can meet the requirements of mechanized works in plain and semihill.

Technical Principles: this project is the traction baler with a wide adaptability researched and developed independently according to the market, absorbing and adopting the mature parts technology of the same model domestic, on the basis of reference of advanced technology of domestic and foreign similar products.

Product Innovation:

1adopt the 20-50hp tractor as traction, more flexible and convenient.

2the pick up device adopt spring-tooth type, with a good collecting and low loss rate; our machine can pick up the straw smoothly without disturbing the grass to avoid rubbing the straw.

3the side protecting plate of pick up device is in favor of gathering the straw

4the driving device symmetrically arranged on axial, with lower center of gravity and good stability

5the cylinder adopt stamping forming to have a high structural strength 

Main parameters

Straw baler at rated operating speed with a moisture content 18% ~ 25%, the main parameters are

bale sizedimeter×width φ600×700mm

working width 800 mm

working speed  2-5 km/h

baling rate  ≥99%

bale density  115

tire size    16×6.50-8

power matched 22.1-38.7kw

PTO speed  540r/min