Control and maintenance of baling machine

2016-11-11 10:34:40 0

1.according to two kinds of picking width selection, to adapt to different pick up the width of the operation, the strength of super.

2.compression mechanism assembly is located in the upper part of the picker body assembly, the same pick-up amplitude, the device width is smaller, more convenient for small field operations. The overall layout is more reasonable.

3.the technical characteristics: four tractors are traction operation, stable operation, easy to support and promote.

4.the power input with a safety clutch, the main drive shaft, compression device, rope device are equipped with safety bolts, when the system load is too large, automatically cut the bolt, cut off the tractor power transmission, protection system will not damage.

5.the use of imported German Rassdive knotting device, can adapt to different biological raw materials bundling operations, solid and reliable, and can adjust the length of different straw bales, highly efficient and flexible.

6.automatic picking straw, weeds, automatic separation of sediment, automatic feeding, automatic compression, automatic tied rope, automatic bag, the whole process of automatic operation, easy operation and high efficiency. Picker on both sides with a copy wheel, so that the picker and the ground can maintain a proper distance and good profile performance. Pick up the top of each gear rod slightly tilted on the tip of the teeth, easy to talk about grass pick up clean, hit the stone and other hard objects can automatically avoid.