How to choose a reasonable straw bale tying machine

2016-11-11 13:40:12 0

Straw bale machine is mainly used in the field of corn, rice, wheat and other crops straw bale recovery operation. It can be laid in field corn straw or standing, rubbing, automatic pickup conveying, compression molding, knot strapping operation process, the straw tied into neat appearance of small rectangular bales. This machine adopts advanced technology, reasonable structure, wide adaptation range, tied the bales and convenient transportation, the machine of straw utilization, increase farmers' income, field management, social environmental problems are of great contribution, but also in the future to support the development of national products. According to the choice of planting area depends on the field straw bundling machine:

1. a smaller acreage or hilly areas, small round baler suggested picking width of about 1 meters.

2. large planting area or plain, recommend picking width of 1.05-1.40 meters square baler.

3. the farm area is large and the ground flat planting plots, suggested picking width of 1.40 m or more square baler or large round baler.