Development trend of straw bale

2016-11-11 13:41:23 0

Bundling machine is divided into two categories, one is the industrial materials with a bunch of machines, such as steel bundling machine, bar, and so on, the other is the use of agricultural and forestry. At present, agriculture and forestry with bundling machine is mainly for crop straw, grass, shrub bundling machine is mainly for thick, straight branches, less shrub.

Bundling machine research in our country is late, at the end of 1970s, China began to import from the United States, Germany and other countries baler, and developed by bundling machine of our own, in early 1980s successfully put into production and use in Jilin, Jiangsu and other places. In recent years, due to increased market demand for high density bales of the scene, coupled with the national recycling of straw recycling value, in order to further improve the work efficiency, promote ecological sustainable development, domestic research on bundling machine is also more and more, some of the production enterprises in our country is in the development of various forms of bundling machine.

With the development of agriculture and forestry industry in China, the demand of straw bale is also increasing. The development level of China's bundling machine can not meet the requirements of the development of domestic agricultural machinery research and development, stronger adaptability and better effect and higher degree of automation, a more stable system for bundling machine and related enterprises need more strength and participation in scientific research units.