Ten main operating methods of baler

2016-11-11 13:44:47 0

Bundling machine is mainly composed of grass, pick up roller, sprocket drive mechanism, rope, rope rod box and warning device, hydraulic control mechanism etc.. In the use of the process, if not handled properly will not only delay the work, there may be a serious risk. Therefore, must be in strict accordance with the operation and use.

1 connecting the host and the bundling machine. Limit arm to be connected properly, not too loose to limit the role of arms limitation equivocate, tire easily grinding host, swing range is too big, also easy to cause damage to its parts, tight turning angle increases, the headland turning is also easy to pick up the grass don't destroy.

2 bundles of rope. First check whether the rope caught because of quality problems, such as: the knot is too large, feather is too large, then check the rope at the entrance section (left) wheat density. If the density is not high, then the friction rope and wheat Festival is not big enough, then you can let the baler left more grass, with the friction increases the rope at the entrance the rope to feed.

3 straw bale adjustment. When the wheat section humidity, easy to pick up the bundling, adjustable pore density, when wheat Festival is dry, fragile, not easy to collect and feed, raise the density of holes. Can the number of ring adjusting rope, tied the straw. Wheat straw stem, increase the number of rings, wet straw, reducing the number of small circle.

The number of bundles of 4 loop adjustment. To the big wheel, the rope bundle number 10 rope; to ferry, circle number less, 7 rope.

5 the length of the rope, the rope with the head just in contact with the blade is appropriate.

6 protect the screw broken. When bundling machine eat full wheat after the alarm, no alarm, Mai festival will heap block in the entrance, if we continue to walk, will result in the protection of the broken screw.

7 reason for not warning. (1) the power supply is not connected, (2) the wire is disconnected, and (3) the clamping spring handle is detached from the handle groove of the handle.

8 the rope should be broken constantly, it may be because the blade grinding blunt, should replace the blade.

Dynamic mechanical process 90 grass in running speed can be a little bit faster, four-wheel driven by 2- file is appropriate.

10 equipped with vulnerable parts. The protection screw and the blade should be equipped with the grass so as not to delay the working hours.